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PDY Systems Ltd.

We are now in the process of financing new versions of our product to bring LIFT-n-LOK™ to a much wider consumer base and make our innovative products available to everyone.
To this stage we have completely funded the project out of our own pockets which has enabled us to make both industry and trade contacts. Our patented LIFT-n-LOK™ fastening system is now proven to be extremely reliable.

Further details can be obtained through our contact page.
LIFT-n-LOK™ Now going MAINSTREAM with new designs.

These features are only available with our patented LIFT-n-LOK™ system: We are now standing down our original tooling so we can take LIFT-n-LOK™ to the next level with the new models.

As you can see from the visuals on the left our latest designs will fit into various markets with an appropriate color change. This is a technique employed by all our competitors and ensures that we will be able to run our new tooling at capacity through the year with the fishing market being strong in the spring and summer, craft strong in the fall and winter and DIY and hobby markets steady through the year.

It's time to change to the tool box which doesn’t have it's origins in the 1940's.
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